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Can I use PurePort for Android devices?

The current PurePort Multi-Tool Kit available here is especially tailored to iPhones, iPads and their Lightning connections. We've focused on these devices first as the Apple Lightning connectors are especially problematic, due to their exposed pins.

We're researching the extent of similar problems on other devices. If you have similar issues with your Android devices, please LET US KNOW on our Contact Us page, or via email at info@pureport.net – with sufficient interest, we’ll develop a PurePort for Android devices too!

Can I use PurePort for USB-C, HDMI, micro USB or mini USB connections?

Why shouldn’t I just clean the port with a toothpick / toothbrush / paperclip or compressed air?

Why are connectivity problems more common on iPhones and iPads?

I use a wireless charger, do I still need this?

How often do I need to clean my iPhone/iPad?

Can’t I just take my phone to an Apple store when I have issues?

I keep my phone in a case and pretty clean, do I still need this?

If contaminants getting inside my Lightning port is the cause of connectivity issues, why are only some of my cables causing problems?