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IDEA: Work somewhere well lit, preferably on a white surface so you can see any gunk you remove.

Clean and Revive iPhone & iPad Lightning Ports

Restore Connectors on Charge Cables and Accessories

Clean iPhone & iPad Surfaces, Speakers, Earpiece and Switches 

Let’s Connect

We trust you find your iPhone, iPad, cables and accessories restored to 'as new' connectivity and cleanliness.

If PurePort worked well for you please leave us a quick review on Amazon or at www.pureport.net/review    

If you retrieved an impressive 'gunk' from your Lightning port, please email us a photo! at info@pureport.net  (we like that sort of thing).  

If you had any problems, please email us directly at info@pureport.net or use the Contact Us form.

We'll resolve any issues promptly, or if we can't issue a full refund under our money back Guarantee.

As a family run start-up we depend on your support and feedback.

Kate, Josh and the PurePort Team